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PONCÉ – Surrender to the Night 7″

Soul Step Records is quickly filling up my jukebox with all the catchy singles they keep releasing!
This newest release is from Ponce, who are a new to me pop duo out of Nashville.  The single is on a vibrant pink vinyl (limited to 100) that pops out at you just like the songs will. If you aren’t fast enough when this drops there will be a non-limited black version that you can pick up as well.  For your best bet at picking this up be sure to sign up to their club at soulsteprecords.com and you will get the first shot at this.  If you don’t want to be part of the cool club …the record will go on sale to the general public on April 21st.  While you wait you can enjoy the lead single below!

Hurts to Laugh – Little While 7″ Lathe

Velocity of Sound records just released the second record in their Those Were the Lathes series and it features two new tracks from Nashville’s Hurts to Laugh.  These lathe cut records are limited to 50 copies and are being released on the 7th day of each month.  Last month’s Lees of Memory lathe sold out in minutes, so if you are interested I hope you read this fast!

Childish Gambino – Awaken, My Love 2LP Pre-Order

Keeping us all on our toes, the new Gambino record may have the most interesting note in a pre-order I have ever seen: “Vinyl Pricing Subject to change as package content is finalized.”  Well I hope the price change is down as the price on it is already $59.99 + shipping.  Sure that includes a limited edition poster if you order it in the next 72 hours, but that’s still a steap price.  Maybe someone saw what all the special edition copies of Because the Internet are going for and thought hey let’s get in on that.  Or more likely it’s going to have some sort of VR video/cardboard item included.

Dr Mario Soundtrack 7″ (Unofficial)

The King of bootleg Nintendo soundtracks returns with the Chronic.
Moonshake Records has released this new Dr. Dre inspired 7″ and it is limited to 500 copies.  Each one is hand numbered with a great embossed cover.

Green Day Cassette Discography + Boombox

Have you been wanting every Green Day record on cassette plus a boom box to play it on, well you are now in luck! 
This set includes all 13 studio albums on cassette (some for the first time) in a special carry case (see below).  The boom box is pictured above and even has an AM/FM tuner too!

Cat Stevens – Blue Room Sessions 7″ Pre-Order

Third Man have announced this will be released world wide on Black Friday.
In September Yusuf played the Ryman in Nashville, but the day before he recorded some new tracks at TMR and fast as that the vinyl is coming out next week!  Black vinyl will be available everywhere, but an exclusive blue pressing is being sold in the UK for his concert there.

Los Campesinos! – Sick Scenes LP Pre-Order

Some times when bands don’t release anything for awhile my fear becomes the thought they may never release something again, and with Los Campesinos! this had been a thought in my mind quiet a bit lately.  But alas they are returning with a follow up to 2013s No Blues with this new release coming out in 2017!  There is a standard black version of the LP along with a clear with pink splatter version.

Godkiller Comic Soundtrack LP

Next Saturday (November 19th) is Local Comic Shop Day and one of the extremely limited items this year is the above pictured record to go with the comic Godkiller.  This picture disc is limited to 666 copies and has not even been officially announced yet.  It was sold to the stores as a mystery item with a $24.99 price point.  I’ll let you know more as soon as we find out what music is on here!

Power Rangers – The Original Show Soundtrack

Which was your favorite Power Ranger, I’m going to have to go with the Green Ranger as he made playing the flute cool (right?).  Well anyways I am 8bit are now releasing the soundtrack to the original series with music from Ron Wasserman and album art by JC Richard.  If you like the art they also have it for sale as a print.