Blair Witch Soundtrack – Mondo LP

Mondo has their “surprise” halloween drop up now and it’s the score  to the new Blair Witch.  This record is on black vinyl and that should match the very dark cover as well.  This record is limited to 1,000 copies so I wouldn’t expect it to last long.  You can get yours HERE and then go out and enjoy a wonderful evening of tricks and treats.

Metallica – Atlas Rise Single

Metallica are releasing their new song Atlas Rise on Halloween and what better way to release it than with a mask.  The mask may not be the fanciest release I have posted, but it is free at your local record store.  On the back of each mask is a download code for the new single!  So go get yours now before they all end up on eBay!

The Evil : A Nightmare Reimagined 7″

Mondo / Death Waltz have just released their first surprise record of Mondo Con!
The 7″ features the theme Overture by Joseph Loduca as well as amazing art work by Jason Edmiston. Currently the record is exclusively available at their gallery which showcases this original painting along with several other great pieces by both Edmiston and Ken Taylor. Stay tuned to see if there is a wider release.

Jeff the Brotherhood – Radiating Fiber Plane 7″

Jeff the Brotherhood are back with another new single! These guys seem to be back to their roots pumping new singles from various labels and I like it! This single comes from French label called Six Tonnes De Chair and features some great screen printed sleeves.  They have 200 copies on black vinyl and 100 copies on clear vinyl and both are available HERE.  Infinity Cat also have a few copies of the black on their website, but it’s just about as cheap to import it.  

Bruiser Queen – Telepathic Mind 7″ Pre-Order

Bruiser Queen have gone through a lot lately including getting mugged but none the less are still going strong with another great record.  Telepathic Mind is a brand new song from the band and the b-side is cover of Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark”.  This looks like it’s just on plain black vinyl but that color looks great with the art and is sure to sound great on your turntable.  Listen below and get your copy HERE.

Matt Duncan – Everlong 7″ Pre-Order

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like the Foo Fighters hit song Everlong had been released as a soul single in the 1970s?  Well thanks to Matt Duncan’s new 7″ you will have to wonder to longer!  You can actually listen to Everlong below and the B-side will be “Tell You What I Know.”  So for the record if you want one of the beautiful random colored records above I would highly recommend joining Soul Step Records Subscription Plan so that you can get the first shot as their is only 100 copies.  There will be an even more elusive Wax Mage variant that is limited to 15 copies!  If you aren’t a subscription member these will go on sale right HERE next Friday (October 21st.)

Brad Hill – S’more Puft Toy

Brad Hill should be your favorite new artist (ok he isn’t a new artist, but he may be new to you.)
He has been making incredible statues for the last few years including a full gallery show at Galley 1988 that ends today.  However, for NYCC he made a piece that is a little more excessible for all fans, this fun vinyl toy.  Bottleneck Gallery saved a few of them for the online release today at 11:00 (central) HERE.  And select orders will even receive the toy in a vintage McDonald’s Happy Meal bag so you can feel super nostalgic about your purchase!

Gerard Way – Into The Cave We Wander Cassette

Cassette Store Day maybe tomorrow but the biggest tape of the week dropped today when no one was looking.  Today at the DC Young Animal panel at NYCC Gerard Way gave away a tape to everyone in attendance featuring a brand new song he made for the upcoming comic.  Yes he gave it away free.  While none have made it to ebay yet, I am sure they will soon and you probably won’t have enough money saved up when it happens.  Best of luck

Fuzz City Vol. 1 7″ Pre-Order

Add this release to your to do list tomorrow as it is dropping at 10am and you won’t want to miss it.
This is a four way split with new songs from Strangefellas, Reacharounds, Thee Fine Lines, and With a T.  Pictured above is the wax mage kaleidoscope variant that will be limited to 25 copies and there will also be standard version that is on random mix colored vinyl.  The both feature great screen printed sleeves and will be available right HERE.

Adventure Time Presents – The Music of Ooo

Fear not those of you who are also not at NYCC, The Music of Ooo is available to the rest of us as well!  This new record was the surprise release by Spacelab9 at NYCC where they had two exclusive variants.  Now thinkgeek have released 3 different variants that the rest of us can buy!  Pictured above is the spot on Finn version, but there is also  Me-Mow and Tree Trunks variants available.  All the best songs from the show appear to be here including the opening theme, Buff Baby, Oh Fionna, and Bacon Pancakes!  Find the one you want right HERE.
UPDATE – Use promo code GHOST for free shipping.