Luke Cage Soundtrack Coming from Mondo

The newest Netflix original Marvel show Luke Cage started last Saturday and I am guessing a few of you have already binged the whole season.  Well tomorrow Mondo is opening up pre-orders for the soundtrack!  This double LP is the score to show that was composed by Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad.  This will be available HERE on “Power Man Yellow” vinyl tomorrow. 

Punchline – The Rewind EP Pre-Order

Way back in 2002 Punchline released their second EP Rewind, now fast forward to the year 2016 and we are finally getting it on vinyl!
The CD was originally self released, then was re-released through Fueled By Ramen but going full circle is being self released for vinyl on the bands label Modern Short Stories.  The record has a few options when you pre-order

  • Striped (Opaque Black, Silver, White – 100) 
  • Transparent Highlighter Yellow w/ Splatter (Opaque Halloween Orange, Aqua Blue, Hot Pink – 100) 
  • Color in Color (Opaque Mustard in Transparent Kelly Green – 100) 
  • Test Press (Black – 25) 

I personally think black vinyl looks great with the minimalist cover, but you can get which ever version you prefer right HERE.

Lady Gaga – Joanne LP Pre-Order

If you can’t make it into the “secret dive bar” show tonight in Nashville well let me at least help you get a copy of her new LP.  The deluxe version of Joanne can be purchased HERE but to access the site you must be a fan club member…or know the password. Oh here it is “Ladygaga5”.

Los Cripis – Restaurant 7″

If you are ever looking for something different to spin Glad Fact records is good place to look and their newest release from Los Cripis definitely qualifies as “something different”.
Los Cripis are a three piece DIY band out of Argentina and are bringing the sounds from their garage to your turntable.  You can listen to all three new tracks below and then pick up the 7″ HERE.

Tycho – Epoch LP Pre-Order

Tycho released his new record this morning while you were all sleeping just so you would be able to wake up and enjoy it all day.
Well you can enjoy it digitally today, the vinyl won’t be shipping till January.  There is a standard black vinyl and the “limited edition” red version that is limited to 10,000 copies.  I guess technically that is limited.  Listen below and/or get your copy HERE.

Rare Futures – This Is Your Brain on Love LP

The above image does not show the full extant of how awesome this art is because it lights up!
No not glow in the dark, there is LED lights embeded in the cover to make it look like the brain synapsus are firing when you open it!  Ok, well the music inside is pretty awesome too and you can check it out below.  The records are available on Clear Red (100), Clear Purple (200) and Clear Blue (200) all of which can be bought right HERE.

Batman: Arkham Knight – Video Game Soundtrack LP Pre-Order

Enjoy the Ride Records keeps getting more new licences and this time it appears they are branching out to video game soundtracks!  This will be the first vinyl release from the Arkham Knight games and the best of record will have at least variants.  Today at noon you can get the Batman and Joker variants HERE and they are each limited to 250 copies. Zavi also have their own unique variant that is blue and red splatter, limited to 500 copies and can be bought right now HERE.

Lucius – Pulling Teeth 10″ Pre-Order

Lucius has released a new LP this year along with an exclusive single in Turntable Kitchen subscriptions and now she has a new 10″!  The record features Pulling Teeth (off her latest LP) and the new track The Punisher.  Then on the b-side there will be laser etched art work.  This record is candy orange and can be bought right HERE.

SURVIVE – MF064 EP Re-Press

SURVIVE is the band behind the great music in Stranger Things and you can now pre-order their previously out of print EP “MF064″.  This originally came out in 2014, but with their Stranger Things success original copies have disappeared and thanks to fan demand Monofonus Press is releasing two new versions of the 10”.  There is an Opaque Violet version that is limited to 100 copies and then a standard black repress of an additional 500 copies.  You can listen below and get your own copy HERE.

Weezer – (Blue Album) Mo-Fi Special Edition

Well the Red, Green, and White records all have been released on matching colored vinyl and now at last the Blue record can properly join the rest!  This new special edition from Mo-Fi is limited and numbered and if it’s anything like last weeks Weezer/Wavves split, sure to sell out fast.  The price tag is a little high, but Mo-Fi are known for their quality work.  Get your copy HERE.